Hard Rider apparel is built on the belief of living life free from societal constraints based on titles and status. It is a bold and brash non conforming brand that celebrates the evolution of motorcycles within a New York underground subculture. The brand concept was conceived In 1999 and put into effect at the end of 2003.  Hard Rider NYC ( HRNYC ) was formed to forge a bond between friends among bikes and that carefree jeans and t-shirt style we all grew up wearing on these NYC streets. We thrive to bring quality workmanship and style to each piece that we bring to life inside our own design laboratory in Queens NY.                                              

      Each piece is designed and printed in house. We do our best to use American manufacuturing for most of our goods and services..We support local small businesses within the five boros long Island and Upstate NY. We take pride in all aspects of development within each product that we produce. These aspects include quality in fabric's, stitching, labeling, cutting and sewing, embroidery details, art setup and design, screen printing and private label. We offer quality at an affordable price. Each garment and accessory that we create was thought out and meticulously brought to life by careful hands. We want to insure that our customers receive something unique and functional with a classic aesthetic design or embellishment that is not part of any particular trend. Live Righteous, Bold and Free. FTW - N*Y*M*F.                                                                                                                              @ 1.888.297.4669. Thank You

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